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Qualitica is a testing agency. We want your product to be fun for both you and your users. Our main services: software testing and quality control. We have experience in conducting all types of testing, but most of all we love functional manual and automated testing.

Functional testing

We check the software for compliance with functional requirements and business tasks. We are preparing a test plan and other test documentation. We carry out manual and automated testing. We use the methodology of black, gray and white “boxes”. Together with the developers we achieve the readiness of the project for full work.

Performance testing

We determine how the product will cope with the daily and maximum load, we find the bottlenecks of the solution. The range of services includes load testing, volumetric testing, stability analysis, test of various configurations, scalability test and stress test.

Security testing

We evaluate the level of system security and identify vulnerabilities. We carry out tests for penetration into the system, online transaction security, resistance to DDoS attacks.

Compatibility testing

Test your solutions for cross-platform and cross-browser compatibility. We check for compatibility with different hardware, server software, databases, OS, screen resolution, and so on. We evaluate the quality of the program at the level of the executable environment and at the user level.

Usability testing

We help to make the software product as convenient and easy to use as possible. We look at the software from the perspective of the user. I'm comfortable? I understand everything? Do I like to use it? We use the double assessment method: expert assessment + focus group.

What are we testing

Sites and cloud services
We do functional testing. We check the layout for adaptability, cross-browser compatibility and compliance with the layout.
Mobile applications
We test the correct operation of applications on different devices and systems, we help to tighten the product to the ideal.
Desktop software
We check desktop products at all stages of development. Find bugs, offer improvements.

Testing at every stage

Software requirements
We test technical requirements for compliance with the customer’s business goals, completeness of coverage, appropriateness of use, integrity, and consistency.
Software prototype
We focus on the assessment of the structure. We predict the usability of future software. We are looking for defects in the logic of the functional.
We check the product during development. We carry out functional, unit and integration testing. Automate testing. Significant parameters: functionality, reliability, compatibility and so on.
Testing software documentation for compliance with the software itself.
We carry out acceptance testing. We update the test and design documentation.
Testing new software builds. We work with end-user requests. We help the project to function correctly after the stage of active development.
Order testing

The cost of testing services depends on the complexity of the work. Contact us, we will offer the best solution to improve the quality of your product.

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